Outdoor Bar

Yesterday we got to make this outdoor bar come to life for our client as a birthday surprise for his wife. The main goal…

  • Build a custom bar to fit their space
  • Make it weather safe
  • AND get it done in one day (while his wife was away).

Done, done and done. We think it turned out great and the solar lights the client installed makes the space really inviting.

Outdoor barOutdoor barimg_5311img_5313

Window Bar

Today I’m bringing you project 2 of 3 for The Family Room in Laytonsville, MD. The shop needs additional seating, eating and workspace… preferably taking advantage of their great end unit location overlooking trees. The biggest requirements…

  • Budget. Keep it as low cost as possible for this project.
  • Built in. This needs to be a built in piece, not a movable piece of furniture.

The biggest issue… location. A window bar isn’t as straight forward as other bars because you have no wall (or in this case, low walls to attach it to). But Joel was able to provide great support and still give it a “floating” appearance. I’m telling you, that man can do anything.

Window BarWindow Barimg_5304Window Barimg_5299img_5296img_5294Window BarWindow Bar

Counter and Bar

As our first post we’d like to share a very special project with you.

Friends of ours are seeing their dream of owning and running a shop come to life. And every shop needs a register counter. In their case, a counter and display bar. They sent us over pictures of what they’ve been dreaming up and we made it come to life! The biggest must haves…

  • Budget. They’re JUST starting out so how to get this look at the most affordable price
  • Time. They open their doors in just 4 weeks and there’s a lot of staging that has to happen in and around the piece of furniture

And here’s the finished product…

Counter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with Displayimg_5287Counter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with Display

We are beyond thrilled for them and so happy that we’ve been able to be apart of making their vision come to life! Be sure to stop in and see all of the cute things their shop has to offer at The Family Room and stay tuned for more posts on the other furniture we’re making for this space.