Recent Projects

Entertainment Center and Dog Kennel

This past weekend we had the privilege of delivering one of our coolest furniture projects to date.

Our client had seen pictures of really cool dog kennels and knew they wanted something similar. But for their space they needed more. This piece of furniture would have to…

  • Function as their entertainment center
  • DVD storage
  • Shoe basket storage
  • Dog dish area
  • Dog food storage
  • AND dog kennel
  • It’s a good thing we had a lot of space to work with! This console is over 8′ long, 36″ high and the sliding barn doors were a must. We are just so happy with how this turned out and excited to see how well it works in its new home.
  • Our client came to us with dreams she’d been collecting and we turned it into drawings and then the real thing! If you’ve been dreaming of something, don’t be afraid to come to us with the idea. We can help you get it into your space, just start the conversation today!
  • Outdoor Bar

    Yesterday we got to make this outdoor bar come to life for our client as a birthday surprise for his wife. The main goal…

    • Build a custom bar to fit their space
    • Make it weather safe
    • AND get it done in one day (while his wife was away).

    Done, done and done. We think it turned out great and the solar lights the client installed makes the space really inviting.

    Outdoor barOutdoor barimg_5311img_5313

    Custom Serving Tray

    This past week we worked on a custom serving tray with a wood burnt family name on it.

    The customer wanted a dark wood with a little red coloring to it and walnut was the way to go! We sanded and sealed it in cutting board oil. Doing that makes this tray a bit more versatile as it’s safe to use to serve food and also as a cutting board.

    We also opted to burn the family name on the board instead of painting it. That takes a bit more time but it’s worth it if they do opt to use it as a cutting board at some point.

    And here’s the finished product!

    Walnut Serving Tray (or cutting board)| 15″ x 22″ | with Wood Burnt Personalization

    Extra Large Serving Tray

    We received a request this month for a custom Charcuterie Board. Our client loves to entertain and serves up beautiful trays of food. BUT because she typically entertains large groups of people she’s been on the hunt for a large Charcuterie Board to serve everyone at once. But her search and up empty, until she found us.

    This serving tray only had three requirements

      Measure 20″ x 30″
      A small lip (to keep food contained)
      Medium wood stain

    Now she’s got all she needs for her next big gathering! I can’t wait to see what she serves up on this next.

    Live Edge Coffee Table

    Joel just finished up this coffee table and we are so happy with how it turned out! Continue reading to see pictures and written details.

    If you are local to the DMV area and would be interested in purchasing it, we’ve included a paypal button for easy purchase. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them, just fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you!

    Live Edge Coffee Table. Reclaimed hardwood surface, Walnut butterfly joints on surface, Walnut finger joint legs.

    Measures: 42″ Long, 27 1/2″ Wide (at its widest), 17 3/4″ Tall

    Live Edge Coffee Table

    Live Edge Coffee Table. Walnut butterfly joints on surface, Reclaimed hardwood surface, Walnut finger joint legs. Local delivery to the DMV area only.


    Dining Room Table, with Multiple Stains

    I’m going to step back in time and show you this dining room table we did this past winter. These clients had a table they fell in love with but it was WAY our of their budget. So they asked if we could make it for cheaper and I’m glad that we could. You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands to have handmade furniture… just talk to us and ask if we can we can create something for you that’s within your budget.

    Now back to this table. The original table that was out of reach finacially had different types of wood pieced together to create the top. To keep this project in budget we keep the type of wood the same but stained each to recreate the same look. Turned out pretty good, right?

    dining table multi woodIMG_1734dining table multi wooddining table multi woodIMG_1735

    Farmhouse Table

    This is post 3 of 3 for our recent projects with The Family Room in Laytonsville, MD. This shop is very unique. It’s a gift shop. It’s a coffee, snack and ice cream shop. It’s a reading nook. It’s a build a puzzle, play a game or just come and hangout shop. It really is amazing.

    And it’s also in need of a large table to make all of this community happenings possible. Enter… a rustic farmhouse table with seating for 10-12 people. It’s long and skinny and perfect for all of the gatherings that will take place around it. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome those legs look? Thank you… you make proceed to take in the rest of the pictures.



    We love this table and all of the promise that it holds for our dear friends. Here’s to the coolest shop around opening it’s doors to you tomorrow Feb, 16, 2018.

    Window Bar

    Today I’m bringing you project 2 of 3 for The Family Room in Laytonsville, MD. The shop needs additional seating, eating and workspace… preferably taking advantage of their great end unit location overlooking trees. The biggest requirements…

    • Budget. Keep it as low cost as possible for this project.
    • Built in. This needs to be a built in piece, not a movable piece of furniture.

    The biggest issue… location. A window bar isn’t as straight forward as other bars because you have no wall (or in this case, low walls to attach it to). But Joel was able to provide great support and still give it a “floating” appearance. I’m telling you, that man can do anything.

    Window BarWindow Barimg_5304Window Barimg_5299img_5296img_5294Window BarWindow Bar

    Counter and Bar

    As our first post we’d like to share a very special project with you.

    Friends of ours are seeing their dream of owning and running a shop come to life. And every shop needs a register counter. In their case, a counter and display bar. They sent us over pictures of what they’ve been dreaming up and we made it come to life! The biggest must haves…

    • Budget. They’re JUST starting out so how to get this look at the most affordable price
    • Time. They open their doors in just 4 weeks and there’s a lot of staging that has to happen in and around the piece of furniture

    And here’s the finished product…

    Counter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with Displayimg_5287Counter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with DisplayCounter and Bar with Display

    We are beyond thrilled for them and so happy that we’ve been able to be apart of making their vision come to life! Be sure to stop in and see all of the cute things their shop has to offer at The Family Room and stay tuned for more posts on the other furniture we’re making for this space.