Portrait Peg Dolls

All of our Peg Dolls can be played with and even coated in our food safe finish to make it safe for children’s mouths, but the intent behind a Portrait Peg Doll set is different. It is created for display purposes and to be, well, a portrait. With portraits we can paint a family with much more detail and even include your furry pet family as well. While we offer many of the same options as our customization dolls you will notice many more detailed options. And these details really help to make the dolls special, unique and perfectly suited to your family.

  • Choose your doll size, gender, skin color, eye color, hair color and more, available in the order form below.
  • Include a photograph. Pictures are VERY helpful, especially when painting a hairstyle or specific outfit (like team numbers and logos). So email a picture of the person you’d like us to paint and if necessary, their outfit (this can just be displayed on the floor if need be).
  • Choose your finish (or “Top Coats”), Lacquer and Shellac. Lacquer is a very durable finish, designed to give the best protection for your painted doll. Shellac is edible and recommended for children 3 years and younger.

Dolls are $22.00 each (+ flat rate shipping)

Fill out the form below to get started (one form per doll please). After the form(s) are submitted we will email you an invoice to get started on creating your one-of-a-kid portrait dolls!

Peg Person Order Form (one form per doll order):

Peg Pet Order Form (one form per doll order):