Red Riding Hood $35

Red Riding Hood (Peg Doll set of 4) $35

Hand painted peg dolls, Set of 4. These are wooden peg dolls, painted with acrylic paint and sealed with *Lacquer for a durable finish.

Doll measurements:

  • Huntsman: 3 9/16″ Tall, 1 1/8″ Wide
  • Grandma: 3″ Tall, 1 1/8″ Wide
  • Red: 2 3/8″ Tall, 1 7/8″ Wide
  • Wolf: 1 3/4″ Round

*Available with a Shellac finish to make it safe for children’s mouths. Please specify if you would like this option in the field below.

Each item is hand painted, therefore they will have a slight variation from what you see here. Please allow 2-3 weeks for assembly, as each item is made to order.

Fill out this form below and we will mail you a confirmation email with invoice. Once you’re invoice is paid we will get to work on your project!

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