Classic Twist $15

Classic Twist Pen (Spade silhouette) $15

Shown: Spade silhouette, Flush width, Grenadillo Wood in Satin Gold-plated Hardware.

Each item is handmade; therefore it will have a slight variation from what you see here. Please allow 2-3 weeks for assembly and shipping, as each item is made to order.


SHIPPED: Classic Twist (Spade silhouette)

Do you need this items mailed to you? We mail all of our items, within the US, with flat rate shipping. THIS PRICE INCLUDES FLAT RATE SHIPPING




Would you like to make a few changes to what you see here? You can customize this pens silhouette, width, wood type, add a dye color and change the finish on the hardware! To put in a custom order just fill out the form below. After the form is submitted we will email you an invoice to get started on creating your one-of-a-kid portrait dolls!


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