Custom Serving Tray

This past week we worked on a custom serving tray with a wood burnt family name on it.

The customer wanted a dark wood with a little red coloring to it and walnut was the way to go! We sanded and sealed it in cutting board oil. Doing that makes this tray a bit more versatile as it’s safe to use to serve food and also as a cutting board.

We also opted to burn the family name on the board instead of painting it. That takes a bit more time but it’s worth it if they do opt to use it as a cutting board at some point.

And here’s the finished product!

Walnut Serving Tray (or cutting board)| 15″ x 22″ | with Wood Burnt Personalization

Extra Large Serving Tray

We received a request this month for a custom Charcuterie Board. Our client loves to entertain and serves up beautiful trays of food. BUT because she typically entertains large groups of people she’s been on the hunt for a large Charcuterie Board to serve everyone at once. But her search and up empty, until she found us.

This serving tray only had three requirements

    Measure 20″ x 30″
    A small lip (to keep food contained)
    Medium wood stain

Now she’s got all she needs for her next big gathering! I can’t wait to see what she serves up on this next.