Entertainment Center and Dog Kennel

This past weekend we had the privilege of delivering one of our coolest furniture projects to date.

Our client had seen pictures of really cool dog kennels and knew they wanted something similar. But for their space they needed more. This piece of furniture would have to…

  • Function as their entertainment center
  • DVD storage
  • Shoe basket storage
  • Dog dish area
  • Dog food storage
  • AND dog kennel
  • It’s a good thing we had a lot of space to work with! This console is over 8′ long, 36″ high and the sliding barn doors were a must. We are just so happy with how this turned out and excited to see how well it works in its new home.
  • Our client came to us with dreams she’d been collecting and we turned it into drawings and then the real thing! If you’ve been dreaming of something, don’t be afraid to come to us with the idea. We can help you get it into your space, just start the conversation today!